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The Gentlemen’s Tools SET performs the most important job of a great Brush and Comb: it keeps your hair and beard groomed and good looking all the time. No compromise.

gentlemen’s tools set

SET no. 3

Beard Comb & Brush – SET – for Men, Sandal Wood COMB, 100% Natural Boar Bristle BRUSH. Best for Grooming Facial Hair and Mustache, use with Balm, Oil and Wax. Packaged in Premium Gift box

set no.4

Hair & Beard Comb + Brush – Set  100% Sandal Wood Comb, 100% Natural Boar Bristle Brush, Best for Grooming Facial and Head Hair, use with Balm, Oil and Wax, Packaged in Premium Giftbox

set no.5

Hair & Beard Comb + Brush + Scissors – Set – for Men, Sandal Wood Comb, 100% Boar Bristle Brush. Best for Grooming Facial and Head Hair, use with Balm, Oil and Wax. Packaged in Premium Gift box



A healthy hair and beard are achieved by brushing them often with an excellent brush that stimulates blood circulation and hair growth in the desired shape and direction. The firm and soothing 100% boar bristles are just right for any type of hair, not too soft and not too stiff.

Comb it’s produced with perfectly smooth teeth with rounded tips that prevent damage to the structure of the hair or skin. After the teeth are cut, the craftsmen polish them for a buttery smooth finish. The Gentlemen’s Tools combs will glide right through your beard.

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